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Wove Band — E-Ink Touchscreen Computer That Wraps Around Your Arm

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Wove is the first product from flexible electronics company Polyera. It functions a lot like a smartwatch, but with the added ability to curve and bend. It’s also one of the first bendable touchscreen displays with a kind of technology that, if it catches on in the market, could open up new ways to make electronics that can flex like paper without damaging the display.

wove band

Owners can program which applications and information shows up on the device and can read notifications day or night with a 1040 pixel by 200 pixel, multi-touch screen display that uses E-ink technology similar to Kindle. That means owners of the Wove can use and run several applications on the band’s display at the same time.

We’re trying to open up a very different kind of platform around low-power, persistent, large display on the body. — Phil Inagaki, Polyera

The Wove operating system, Wove OS, connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth and is based on Android’s operating system. Polyera opened up Wove OS to allow developers to begin creating applications for the device before the first prototype hits the market this December. However, the first edition is slated to go out to consumers in mid-2016, according to Inagaki.

The world’s first bendable wearable is definitely something you have to see with your own eyes. Check on the video to know more about wove band.

Via [TC and Weird]

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