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Why I Like React

Posted in Education, and WhoCodeFirst

Easy to learn and understand

As compared to other front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue. React.js is much easier to learn and understand. You just need to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. So this is one of the major reasons why React.js is popular among the developers as well among then clients too because it does not take much time to build the project. It is obvious that easy to understand framework will take less time to build the project.

Quick Rendering Concept

Quick rendering is required when heavy applications or dynamic software solutions have been implemented. Unfortunately, many web development services are unable to provide these facilities. The Facebook team assured that ReacJS does not have these issues because they have implemented virtual DOM in order to remove issues in rendering and made the process easier.

While developing dynamic software, quick rendering becomes mandatory there to define the quick structure of the app. But unfortunately, it becomes impossible for many web development services.

Let’s take an example of the DOM model which is tree-structured. So there could be an awful impact on the user application if a minor modification takes place. But Facebook has solved this issue by introducing a DOM

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