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Whatsapp Video Calling For Android

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Whatsapp Video Calling — Video calls for WhatsApp is already available in its application for Android beta version, which is ready to enable video calls with our contacts.

Version 2.16.80 WhatsApp Beta have the option of making video calls to our contacts.Instead of having a separate icon for Video Call, WhatsApp seems to have chosen to use the existing phone icon, clicking on which you will get an option to choose either the voice call or video call. But then, the video calling feature isn’t activated yet, so you might be greeted with “Couldn’t place call” message as shown below.

Whatsapp video calling

There have been leaks of WhatsApp Video Calling being tested for some iOS users, but this is the first time we are actually seeing the feature’s presence on the official channel. Last time around, WhatsApp had implemented a silly invite-based system, where users wanting the voice calling feature enabled had to get a call from those who already had the feature.

image credit: techpp

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