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Whatsapp and Facebook users are going to get this new gift on the new year

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Sabuk is also going to bring his digital currency now. Facebook is going to take this step after seeing the popularity of bitquine and cryptocture. Whatsapp has more than 200 million users in Asia.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Facebook has prepared it in view of the small payments made in India. According to reports, Facebook has completed all preparations for this. 

It is being said that Facebook and Whatsapp users can get the gift of this new currency in the new year.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the name of Facebook ‘s digital currency can be ‘stable quoin’. Facebook’s digital currency will be linked to the dollar.
According to the report, Facebook’s currency will be more stable than other currency such as Bitcoin. According to the report, users will be able to make transactions with Whatsapp through Facebook’s new currency.

Ownership of Whatsapp is because Facebook is now close to itself, then users can also use this currency to connect with Whatsapp.

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