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Wayv: Portable Microwave Use Anywhere and Anytime

Posted in Technology

Wayv: Portable Microwave Use Anywhere and Anytime. The World’s First Portable Solid-State RF Food Heater ‘Microwave’. Groundbreaking Technology Has Evolved The Microwave Oven In To A Hand Held Device Designed To Heat Food And Beverages, Anywhere.

Wayv’s Adventurer offers anyone a steamy meal wherever, whenever. The portable microwave stands at a mere 305mm tall and 128mm wide, and weighs in at a measly 1.2kg, making it the perfect companion for grueling, food-deprived journeys and commutes.

Powering the gadget is flexible, you can either recharge the batteries with a power outlet, car charger or solar panel, further cementing the Adventurer’s title as the ultimate camping companion. It’s easy to envision the device being used in military and humanitarian emergency situations to rescue and preserve lives in danger.

Wayv: Portable Microwave

Safe Emits no toxic fumes or carbon monoxide

Convenient Cuts down on carrying multiple heavy items

Portable Lightweight and can fit in a rucksack

Eco-friendly Clean energy with a possible zero carbon footprint

Quick to heat Food and drink ready in as little as 4 minutes

Use anywhere and anytime In any weather

Originally funded by a crowdfunding campaign last year, you can expect the product next year at a $200 USD price point.

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