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Voltera V-One Circuit Board 3D Printer

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Print your circuit boards, dispense solder paste, and reflow! The Voltera V-One lets you go from concept to creation in minutes.



Building hardware sucks!  Whenever we wanted to create a circuit board for an electronics project, we were forced to mess around with dangerous chemicals or send it to a fab house and wait for weeks for the board to arrive.

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Voltera V-One Overview

The Voltera V-One can create a prototype board right from your work bench. Gerber files go in; FR4 boards come out.  The magic happens in the middle. The printer lays down a conductive ink to create the traces and an insulating ink as a mask between layers.

Voltera printer


These boards aren’t meant to replace mass manufactured PCBs – this is a prototyping tool that helps you get  there faster. How many times have you tossed out a board because you used the wrong footprint or because you forgot a pull-up resistor? If you’re anything like us… more times than you’d like to admit. Now you can quickly test an idea without wasting money or two weeks of your time!

While the V-One might look like the laser printer for PCBs, it’s not quite at that level of convenience. There are numerous steps requiring user interaction, and the total print time for a very simple board was about an hour. You need to be careful about calibration, or you’ll have continuity problems. Yes, this is much quicker than the turnaround time of a PCB fab, but it’s not instant.

Finally, there’s some obvious limitations. This isn’t a mill, so it’s only going to be able to do surface mount. The print area is only 138 mm by 102 mm (5.5″ x 4″) which will limit the size of your boards. At a price of $2199, it’s not the cheapest way to make your own PCBs, though it’s well below the price of professional PCB mills.


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