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Voice Bridge Transforms Your LandLine Calls To Your SmartPhone

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Voice Bridge transforms your landline calls to your smartphone. Place and receive landline calls from your mobile, use your contact book, pair up to 5 devices & be notified of missed calls. Your landline always in your pocket.

 LandLine Calls To Your SmartPhone

What is Voice Bridge?

Invoxia, the company behind the Triby, wants you to not only remember the landline, but use one, too. Its new Voice Bridge product connects your landline phone to Wi-Fi so that phone calls can be forwarded to your smartphone or tablet. Voice Bridge essentially turns your smartphone into a second interface for your landline and allows it to act more like your cell number.

All actions are carried out through Voice Bridge’s companion iOS app, which passes landline phone calls along and displays them on a smartphone. Those calls also go through a cell phone’s caller ID and stored contacts, so users can see who’s calling.

What can Voice Bridge do for Me?

 LandLine Calls To Your SmartPhone

When I Am at Home:

You get all your landline calls on your mobile device, with caller identification. You can also place outgoing calls using your address book.

When I am Away from Home:

When away from home, you can get push notifications on your mobile device for any missed call. Never miss an important call again!

A Bridge between Your Landline and Mobile.

  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Operational in 1 minute
  • iOS app available
  • Android Beta app available (restricted feature set, minor stability improvements ongoing)
  • At home your smartphone is your new fixed phone
  • Be notified of who called you when away from home
  • Place your calls from your smartphone even with a poor cell service at home
  • Use your smartphone address book for all your calls
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously

MultiDevice Support:

LandLine Calls To Your SmartPhone

Got several smartphones and tablets at home ? No problem, you can connect up to five of them to Voice Bridge, and you can use any of them to receive or make calls at home ! Moreover, when a device is in call, a second one can easily barge-in the call to talk in conference. Also, you can make intercom in HD audio between the devices registered to Voice Bridge.

Available in for $99.

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