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VocaliD : Donate Your Voice To The Speech Impaired

Posted in Technology

VocaliD — Donate Your Voice To The Speech Impaired. VocaliD is a Digital voice customization company tasked agency Saatchi & Saatchi New York to create a campaign that will encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to lend their voice to the Human Voicebank platform, a database of custom voices for the millions of people living with speech impairment.

The agency created Goldivox, an interactive voice-activated animation following a speech-impaired girl as she travels around the world looking for a voice that fits her.


For the story to go forward the viewer needs to read the words on the screen out loud. Jay Benjamin, Chief Creative Officer at Saatchi said in a press release: “We hope this interactive storytelling experience will help people feel how powerful their own voice can be, and that they will be compelled to donate their voice through VocaliD or even spread the message to others who might donate theirs.”

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