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Here is the Valentines day Gift by Facebook Messenger

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Yes. Here is the Valentines day gift by Facebook messenger. Now you can send gift-wrapped valentines in Messenger!

When you open Messenger this Valentine’s weekend, soon you may see a new, red valentines icon. Press that then send any message and that message will appear gift-wrapped!

Just tap any gift-wrapped message to open it and reveal what’s inside.We hope you’ll find it fun no matter what you’re up to this weekend.

Get started asking yourself these questions and discover new and interesting ways you can use Messenger to find love on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines day facebook

Most of iPhone users received this feature but Android users didn’t get this feature yet.

Last few month updates from Facebook are

  1. Facebook messenger introduced chess game inside messenger itself.
  2. You can change color in messenger and emoji buttons
  3. Booking Uber ride from messenger.
  4. Photo collage and Live Video Feature for iPhone users in US and few countries.
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