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Transwheel — self-balancing parcel-delivery drone on road

Posted in Drones

transwheel drone

If you thought the idea of delivery drones was all up in the air, you’d be wrong; they’re right down here on the ground too – or at least they will be, if one young designer gets his way. Herald the arrival of the futuristic-looking delivery unicycle, bringing all kinds of packages to your door at any time of the day!


It’s called the Transwheel drone, an autonomous, one-wheeled delivery concept that resembles something out of Star Wars. But this is not space age technology, and the devices would balance using existing technologies such as that used in Segway people transporters, with rotating gyroscopes to keep them from toppling over.

Transwheel is a concept created by Kobi Shikar as part of his final project at Shenkar College, Israel. Shikar, who has been studying engineering and design, claims that it could even take over deliveries from large vehicles such as trucks, and be much better for the environment because of a reduction in carbon emissions. The Transwheel drones are designed to work together, so for big loads, a number of them link together to carry them.

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