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Tiny1: The world’s first astronomy camera

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Tiny1 Astronomy Camera — it is the world’s smallest, smartest and most social astronomy camera. It helps you plan, capture and share your star filled sky experience – all from the palm of your hands.

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera

Tiny1 is designed to make astronomy imaging easy from planning, capturing,processing to sharing on social media. It uses advanced spatial sensors to guide users to point at the correct astronomy objects in real time, through the star maps.

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera

The camera contains presets to capture popular imaging objects and presets to post process the images. Using the built-in Wi-Fi, Tiny1 rapidly transfers images to smartphones and laptops.

“Astronomy is a tradition spanning thousands of years, cultures, and religions. The curiosity for
space and beyond is the ultimate proof of our humanity and self-awareness, beyond our
immediate need for subsistence.” – Ashprit, COO

With the Tiny1 building the community around astronomy, TinyMOS hopes to bring space exploration closer to the individual than ever.


The TinyMOS app has an Augmented Reality Star Map that guides you to the stars and constellations. Newbies to atsronomy will find it helpful in knowing where to point the camera at in the night sky. The camera has presets you can use to capture different things with proper exposures, such as the Milky Way and Northern Lights.

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera

Tiny1 is compatible with consumer lens and even telescopes. It connects seamlessly with your smartphone and allows direct sharing to your social media accounts. The app also updates you on the latest celestial events and local star parties.

TinyMOS was expected to launch their crowd-funding campaign last November — due to development limitations it was unable to support manual capture control and the team was forced to re-start development. After six months of hard work and user testing, the improved Tiny1 camera now comes with new chipset that performs better at lower cost, in turn offering a lower price for consumers. More specs can be found here.

Only 300 super early bird units of the Tiny1 Camera with standard kit lens will be available at $349 USD, 50% off the suggested retail price at $699 USD. Compared to multi-thousand dollar setups common to photography enthusiasts, the Tiny1 appears to be a contender in a niche market ripe for innovation.

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