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The Azure App Service startup command issue while using the docker container

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There are some possible reasons why the Azure App Service startup command isn’t working on a Docker container:

Incorrect command syntax: Make sure that the command you are using to start the Azure App Service on the Docker container is correct and follows the correct syntax for the image you are using.

Missing dependencies: Make sure that the Docker container has all the necessary dependencies installed to run the Azure App Service. This includes any required runtime environments or libraries.

Incorrect environment variables: Make sure that all necessary environment variables are set correctly in the Docker container. This includes any required connection strings or API keys.

Incorrect ports: Make sure that the ports used by the Azure App Service are exposed on the Docker container and that they match the ports specified in the startup command.

Incorrect image version: Make sure that you are using the correct version of the image. Some older version might not be compatible with the current version of Azure App Service.

Incorrect permissions: Make sure that the user running the command has the necessary permissions to start the Azure App Service on the Docker container.

You can try to troubleshoot the problem by running the command with the –debug option and check the logs for more detailed information about the error. Additionally, you can check Azure App Service documentation for the correct command and configuration for running the Azure App Service on a Docker container.

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