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Baidu Launches TalkType Voice Keyboard For Android

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TalkType is the first voice-centric keyboard. Speech to text – fast and simple! Type faster and easier using your voice. Browse, search and share GIFs, restaurants, and current location. Navigate and select text quickly with trackpad. Just swipe to type on text keyboard. Have quick access to alphabet keyboard, symbols keyboard and emoji keyboard. Make your keyboard shine with beautiful themes.

TalkType Voice Keyboard

In line with the results of a study Baidu conducted recently with Stanford, Baidu says TalkType enters text three times faster than people can enter it with conventional smartphone keyboard typing.


Talk to Type: Faster hands free typing. Simply tap the microphone to speak. The best-in-class voice recognition provides you a fast, accurate and seamless speech to text experience.

Baidu QuickShare: Browse, search and share GIFs from Giphy, restaurants and places from Yelp, and share your current location right on the spot. More excitements coming soon!

TalkType Voice Keyboard

Trackpad: Move quickly between words and select. It helps you navigate, select and edit text more efficiently. You can either using voice or type to edit a word after selection.

Swipe: Cannot talk? You can swipe to enter text! Just swipe your finger from the first word to the last word.

Quick Action Bar: Navigate quickly between alphabet, symbols and emoji keyboard, and have quick access to important action items – delete key, return key and so on.

Single-word selection: Place one finger on the trackpad and move to navigate and select words quickly. To cancel selection, tap on the trackpad.

Multi-word selection: Place two fingers on the trackpad and move to navigate and select. multiple words or sentences. To cancel selection, tap on the trackpad or swipe with one finger.

Voice Command: Use voice commands to add punctuations such as “comma”, “period”, “Question mark” and “Exclamation point”.

Word Suggestion: Tap underlined words to view the suggested alternatives. It enables a quick correction of words via replacement.

TalkType Voice Keyboard

Beautiful Themes: Beautiful material themes to make your keyboard shine.

Visit: ; Android : TalkType Voice Keyboard

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