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‘Tale’ a New Hashtag Based Social Network

Posted in Android Application, and IOS

Cross-platform instant messenger LINE – which has an impressive 600 million active mobile users, some 200 million fewer than rival WhatsApp – has debuted a brand-new standalone social app called Tale.

Tale hashtag app

Tale Overview

Tale is a new social media platform is powered by hashtags and users can post text, photographs, links to online content or videos into different categories. These user-generated posts are then rated by up and down votes cast by fellow Tale users, in a similar model to Reddit. Users can create a Tale account or log-in with Facebook to comment, up and down vote and post to the hashtag-filled categories.

tale hashtag app

Tale uses #hashtags to not only link ideas, but also encourage dialogue between people. With Tale, trending topics are ranked in real-time. With just three #hashtags per post, users can focus on content and unleash their creativity with the addition of text and doodles. From the bizarre and hilarious to the inspirational, behind each #hashtag lies a unique, vibrant community of users sharing common interests.

Tale’s simple and user-friendly interface is clean and sleek. With its innovative architecture, Tale inspires compelling dialogue that connects like-minded individuals, encouraging users to unlock their creativity.
#SuperEasy #BuildCommunitiesThroughIdeas

Overview of App
App name: Tale
Supported devices: Android and iPhone
Supported languages: English
Supported regions: Canada, United States
Product details: Explore trending hashtags, ranked in real-time with just 3 hashtags per post.
Cost: Free

1 video per post (Max size: 200MB (iOS), 300MB (Android))
3 hashtags per post
3 links with preview per post (additional links without previews allowed)
10 photos per post
10 related hashtags per hashtag
10 favorite hashtags
20 recent hashtags
40 characters per hashtag (emoji count as 2 characters)
50 characters per username
50 layers of doodles and text for photo/video edits
1,000 characters per comment (emoji count as 2 characters)
Infinite possibilities for new hashtags created by users.

The new social news network is US-only for now, although the more markets are expected to be added soon.


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