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Starship self-driving robot soon deliver your packages

Posted in Robots, and Technology


Starship Technologies  formed by skype co-founders it is a European startup planning on building a fleet of self-driving delivery drones made to transport goods locally within 30 minutes. designed using readily available components, the robots are lightweight and low-cost, enabling the company to bring the current cost of delivery down by 10 to 15 times per shipment.


The small, electric-powered prototype robot can carry the equivalent of two shopping bags securely to your door by driving at pedestrian speed across the city’s sidewalks.

The idea is that you choose a delivery slot that works for you, and the robot drives itself over with your items in the assigned time, rather than you needing to wait around for the courier.


robot3 robot6 robot7

The robots are intended to slip seamlessly into the environment, traveling at slow speeds on sidewalks blending safely in with pedestrian traffic. starship technologies are currently testing and demonstrating prototypes and plans to launch the first pilot services in cooperation with its partners in the US, UK and other countries in 2016.

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