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StandCrafted — Stand in the Place Where You Work

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While there are many standing desks options on the market, StandCrafted team is introducing the first minimalist, eco-friendly, modular, wall-mounted desk. With space-saving kept in mind, this product design keeps you working without all the clutter of a traditional desk.


StandCrafted Overview:

standcrafted timeline

The Kickstarter edition of the StandCrafted desk consists of a core “spine” and 4 modules.

The core “spine” mounts to the wall at a user-preferred height near an electrical power source. It can mount to drywall, a wall stud, or even masonry. One side of the spine has over 10 slots to quickly reconfigure modules to support your computer and peripherals. The rear side of the spine has a cable management system designed to hide and manage cables as they interface with your various devices and power sources. Additionally, at the time of installation with some minor adjustment to the rear slide modules, the entire spine can rotate 180 degrees against the wall allowing modules to be inserted from the left or right side.

Link: KickStarter

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