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Sony Future Lab : Augmented Reality StoryBook

Posted in Augmented Reality, and Sony

Sony Future Lab has unveiled a device that transforms any flat surface into an augmented display, complete with touch control.

The technology, as reported by The Verge, relies on two main components. One is a camera that provides depth, similar to the Microsoft Kinect. These cameras map the terrain and tracks changes while hand and finger recognition provides the controls. The projection then provides the images that augments the physical space as seen by a video uploaded by Vidiemme Consulting.

Sony Future Lab

Sony Future Lab takes this concept further by creating a single device which integrates all the parts into one, creating a consumer-friendly product that’s easy to set up. Pictures also reveal the system can specify users by scanning their hands.

To show-off their creation, the Future Lab retold Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with immersive storytelling. A regular teacup placed on the table became the venue for the story’s tea party. Highlights of the book, including important paragraphs, were also illuminated by the projectors. The result is a magical storybook that comes to life. Characters spill off the pages and illustrations come to life on demand.

Paper and the book are ancient forms but has weathered the threat of digital publishing. While it seems to be an irreplaceable means of experiencing information, projects like this give us a peak on an alternative way of letting physical books a taste of the future.

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