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British architect creates sleeping pods for the homeless

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In the U.K., James Furzer focused on creating a safe space for “rough sleepers” – of which there are over 750 on any given night in London alone. Homes for the Homeless consists of a series of pods that attach onto existing buildings. Able to be used both independently or to form a  community of pods, they shelter the homeless from the harsh weather of Britain.

sleeping pods

sleeping pods design

Designed for a budget, the material application of each pod is variable, allowing costs to be kept low and for a pod’s outer appearance to match that of its host building. As they are meant to be temporary shelters, charities would manage the general maintenance and availability of the pods.

sleeping pods inside

sleeping pods interior

With economic downturn, homelessness is on the rise. Accompanied by feelings of isolation, the average homeless person dies at just 47 years old, and are 35 times more likely to commit suicide than the average person. Being insulted, harassed and attacked by the public, it becomes difficult for the homeless to fix their situation. With Homes for the Homeless, James Furzer hopes to change attitudes toward homeless people.

Learn more about his proposal here.



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