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Seateroo iOS App: It Helps You to Switch Your Flight Seats

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Getting the perfect seat on a plane can be a real battle but with a new app, you can pay for your in-flight comfort. Called Seateroo, the app allows users to purchase the seat of their choice off of someone or to sell their seat for a few extra bucks.

seateroo flight seat change

To start the process the user has to download the iOS app Well, after logging into the iOS app and finding your flight, sellers simply enter their seat number, set their price, and wait for the offers to (hopefully) roll in. Buyers who want to change their seat location input their desired seat (eg. aisle, window) and see what’s on offer. Deals are carried out via electronic payments, with Seateroo taking 15 percent of the negotiated price.

Depending on the airline, it may even be possible to swap between classes, though it’s hard to imagine someone up front willing to squeeze into a less comfy seat with little legroom and inferior service, even if it does earn them a few bucks.

seateroo flight seat change seateroo flight seat change

“Apps have greatly enhanced the travel experience for many,” said Brad Pursel, Founder and President of Seateroo. “I believe that Seateroo has the potential to become a travel app that is used widely by those traveling by air for business or pleasure. After all, on almost any flight, there are going to be both people who wish they had a better seat as well as others who would like to save money on travel.”

Conceptually, the app has a unique idea that most travelers will be on board for. That said, the success of the app will likely rely on how many users download the app and actually use it to swap seats.

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