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Sconcy Lamp that you stick to almost any surface

Posted in Design, and Technology

Luke Lamp Co. has introduced Sconcy Lamp, a simple, scaled-back lamp that you stick to almost any surface you desire, even your face if you’re bored. We all have parts of our home that need more light and oftentimes a table or floor lamp is much too big for the space.


Enter Sconcy. Just peel off the back of the adhesive pad and stick it to most any flat surface. Want to move it someplace else? Twist it off and use one of the included adhesive pads to stick it in a new location.


Sconcy is machined from a solid bar of aluminum or brass and assembled by hand with a porcelain socket (that will accept all standard bulbs) and has a power cord that’s as long as an 8-foot long shark (so it’s, umm, 8 feet long) with an inline on/off switch. The adhesive pad is so strong you can practically hang from it and yet it removes from most surfaces without damaging them.

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