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Meet Samsung’s Smart Fridge ‘Family Hub’ has Camera and Huge Display

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Samsung Electronics at Las Vegas ‘CES 2016’ Shows the ‘Family Hub’ Refrigerator it’s a Internet of Things (IoT) technology that serves a large number of lifestyle appliances. The imposing-looking model is equipped with a 21.5-inch, 1080p monitor and cameras inside so that you can watch your mayonnaise go bad in real time. You can even check the contents remotely via a smartphone app to see what’s in there while you’re shopping, in case you forgot whether you need vegetables and eggs.

family hub fridge

It looks like a normal fridge with a giant Android-sized phone glued to the door. Seriously, here’s a closer look at the buttons on the bottom of that front panel. As we noted earlier, Samsung has a variety of “smart home” technology already; it just doesn’t usually take the phone/appliance connection quite so literally. Since none of these photos show a live screen, we still don’t know precisely what one might be able to do on this fridge, or what the interface will look like — although based on the show floor ads, it includes basic features like calendar and weather displays, alongside Pandora and a shopping app. We’ll know more (hopefully including pricing and release details) later this week.

In particular, Samsung Electronics is the world’s top chefs and collaboration to develop a ‘chef collection applications’ are a variety of recipes that you can enjoy in a variety of recipes and time-specific seasonal food recipes, such as the house that chefs are directly before informs. Family Hub refrigerator food and information for the food management delivery capability and equipped also a variety of convenience features.

Samsung family hub fridge

Refrigerating chamber mounted inside the camera can see in storage food two to the screen without having to open the doors through and smartphones in a refrigerator You can see the inside can be purchased only when needed food shopping. You can also set the ‘D-Day (D-day) Icons’ function as a food by adequate intake deadline., As well as specialized distributors and through collaboration discounted items such as real-time by being ordered simply a necessary item to touch several times the latest shopping information and it can schedule also, photos and notes stored in the family of smartphones families can be easily shared through the hub refrigerator equipped specialized multiple functions in such a family inter-communicating leave a message on the screen using a variety of memo effect.

In addition Door listen to music in stereo speakers with a two year listening to the radio or affiliated source site to which also provides daily information such as news, weather. Another family of herbs in the refrigerator for one trillion people IP cameras and can even control other Internet of Things products SmartThing hubs are supported by a dongle.

Samsung hasn’t said when it’s coming or for how much, but it’ll no doubt launch in Korea well before it ever comes here. We’ll chase it down and have more hands-on info later in the week.

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