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Robot Drinky: World’s First Drinking Robot With Cheers

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Park Eun Chan, a South Korean inventor, working together with his wife has managed to create a robot that can act as a drinking buddy.

Not only can Robot Drinky, as the machine is called, drink — the cute little contraption does it in style. The robot clinks glasses with you, downs his portion of alcohol (which is stored in a jar in the lower half of the robot’s body), all the while doing a good job of mimicking an actual human drinking companion.

robot drinky

The Robot Drinky is a combination of electronics and 3D printed parts, or so it appears, and there’s not that many parts. The true magic of this machine is the software that drives the lifelike movements.

We say this is a “mysterious” device because we really don’t know much about it. There’s a video and a Facebook post about this design, and that’s about it. We don’t know specifically how it was made and with what equipment or techniques. We do know that Park plans to post the design files – somewhere – but we we don’t know where, when or if that’s taken place. Perhaps detective-leaning readers might be able to source these files.

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