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Sharp’s Robohon Smartphone on sale next month for $1,800

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RoboHon Smartphone price of $1,800 (198,000 Yen) — that’s a lot of money for what’s essentially a high-tech toy. Sure, it has Android 5.0, a 2-inch screen, voice recognition and can project videos, but it’s hard to imagine anyone using the Robohon as their primary phone.The last time I wrote about RoboHon, Sharp announced today that the phone / robot / thing will see release on May 26th in Japan.

robohon smartphone price

It walks, talks, dances, and connects to LTE. RoboHon is capable of identifying people by their face or voice, and will act accordingly, telling them they have a new message or to smile for the camera (say cheese). It is basically the embodiment of the idea that your phone is your best friend.

You’ll also have to shell out $6 a month for its voice recognition features, which let you interact with the device and do things like hail a cab and create reminders. The idea is that you’ll primarily talk to your RoboHon to access its functions rather than use apps on its screen, which means it won’t be much fun unless you pay that monthly fee.

I hope to evaluate RoboHon’s conversational skills, punctuality, and Myers-Briggs personality type in the near future.

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