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RetinaVue : Handheld Technology from Welch Allyn Makes Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Simple and Affordable

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Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among working-age adults because it often goes undetected. With early detection and treatment, as much as 95 percent of vision loss cases can be prevented.

The new Welch Allyn RetinaVue 100 Imager works in conjunction with the RetinaVue Network (RV 100) to make diabetic retinopathy screening in primary care settings truly practical for the first time.


RetinaVue Overview:

The RetinaVue Network is designed for healthcare providers who want to improve management of patients with diabetes. RetinaVue enables providers to easily perform retinal exams in a primary care setting using a simple four-step process:

  1.  acquire non-mydriatic fundus images in minutes with the simple, automated Welch Allyn RetinaVue™ 100 Imager
  2.  transfer images via secure HIPAA-compliant RetinaVue Network
  3.  images are evaluated by a board-certified retinal specialist, and
  4.  a diagnostic report and referral/screening plan is returned to the provider the same day—usually in 90 minutes. Simple, affordable and effective—now you can easily and accurately screen for diabetic retinopathy as part of a patient’s routine visit.


  • Double HEDIS/STARS compliance rates for diabetic retinal assessment in 12 months
  • Most top healthcare plans now reimburse for retinal screenings
  • Simple four-step process is effective and affordable
  • Same day diagnostic report—usually in 90 minutes
  • Like adding a retinal specialist to your team

“Diabetes is an epidemic; there are 44 million people living with diabetes in North America today, and by 2040 there will be 60 million. It’s simply tragic that a large percentage of patients with diabetes aren’t being screened for diabetic retinopathy when it’s one of the most preventable causes of blindness among adults,” said Alton Shader, president of Welch Allyn. “RetinaVue has the potential to change lives by helping to identify diabetic retinopathy in those individuals who had not previously been screened for the disease, enhancing the potential to save the sight of thousands, if not millions, of people with diabetes.”

Welch Allyn, a leading medical diagnostic device company that is a division of Hill-Rom, makes this possible by shattering the price barrier for high-quality fundus imaging. The RetinaVue 100 Imager costs two-thirds less than full-size fundus cameras, yet the imager is designed such that any healthcare professional in a primary care practice can capture and transmit high-quality fundus images with minimal training. The solution utilizes proprietary touchless auto-focus/image-capture technology and integrated image-quality assessment algorithms.

It is a complete turnkey solution that consists of a portfolio of partner camera technologies, the newly introduced RetinaVue 100 Imager, the HIPAA compliant RetinaVue Network, and a nationwide team of board certified retinal specialists that review the fundus images and return a diagnostic report and referral/screening plan the same day—usually in 90 minutes.

RetinaVue is part of the Welch Allyn VISION FOR ALL initiative that is committed to delivering simple and affordable screening solutions in primary care settings to help eradicate some of the leading causes of preventable blindness.

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