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RePhone, a modular DIY cellphone.

Posted in Mobile/Tablet, and Technology

SeeedStudio launched an intriguing new Kickstarter project, the RePhone.

Rephone gif

The core of the phone is provided by the RePhone Core GSM + BLE module, or by the RePhone Core 3G module, which provides a faster data connection but lacks BLE support. However, beyond these two core modules offering the cell connection are 8 more add-on modules from Seeed’s Xadow range — a 1.54-inch touch screen, a 5×7 LED board, an NFC board, a GPS board, an audio board, a basic sensor board, a GSM breakout board and an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. It also supports Bluetooth. You’re going to want to get the $49 Kit Create, a tiny watch-like system that includes a little case and all the modules. It’s like getting a tiny unlocked cellphone for under $50.

Rephone kit

However the RePhone is about more than just the hardware, Seeed has developed library support not just for the Arduino, but also for Lua and Javascript, as well as a full SDK based around Eclipse for C/C++ developers, and IFTTT support.


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