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Rekonect NoteBook With Removable Magnetic pages

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rekonect notebook

Californian designers Rekonect unveil this innovative and utilitarian notebook with removable and re-arrangeable magnetic pages. Perfect for the indecisive designer, or the frustrated writer, the notebook allows for a customizable collection of images or notes.

The Rekonect Notebook is the first and only one of its kind. This journal is designed to function better than a traditional binder because of its magnetic spine. This allows for easy removable/reattachable pages, while still retaining the sexy look of a traditional notebook.

rekonect notebook

The Rekonect Notebook has a hard cover made of high quality black faux leather that gets better with age. We have used a high grade elastic to hold the notebook closed.

Each notebook comes with high quality grade paper of 120 pages or 60 sheets. When the Kickstarter Campaign ends we will send out a survey asking you which type of paper you would like to have in your notebook(s). These include: line, graph, dotted, or blank paper. Additional packets of paper will come in a total of 240 pages or 120 sheets.

rekonect magentic pen holder

One of the coolest features of this notebook is the magnetic spine. The spine is an automatic pen holder and allows you to simply slide and grab any pen or pencil in a hurry. Remember, the pen has to have a metal clip.

rekonect papers

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