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Qwerkywriter: A $350 Wireless Typewriter

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The Qwerkywriter is an 84 key, USB, Bluetooth enabled, typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard that simulates a tactile clicky feel of a vintage typewriter. It features custom typewriter-inspired keycaps, an integrated tablet stand, and a detachable USB cable via mini-USB port.

wireless typewriter

The Qwerkywriter does feature a built-in tablet stand, so long as your tablet of choice is 0.625 inches thick or less, as well as a lithium ion battery capable of giving the keyboard three months of battery life. Thankfully, the battery is rechargeable through a standard Micro USB cable, so there’s no need to hold onto a proprietary cable for dear life.

wireless typewriter

Qwerkywriter’s Return Bar functions as an ENTER key by default. But it’s also programmable, remembering up to 5 characters. Simply hold FN+Return Bar to record up to 5 characters. Patent-Pending keycaps features typewriter inspired keycaps. With its concave surface and touch-type support, it’s equally ergonomic and beautiful. Interestingly enough, the micro return key doubles as an enter key by default, though its functionality can be changed to render up to five characters, a feature that the writers among us will surely appreciate.

Qwerkywriter Features

  • The Qwerkywriter you see in the video and picture below is an early hand built proof-of-concept prototype as is subject to change. The final shipping version will be CAD engineered, machine tooled, and factory built.
  • The Qwerkywriter is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches (a modern switch that emulates the typewriter clicky feel) and features beautiful chrome accented round keycaps with a vintage typewriter inspired frame.
  • The Qwerkywriter tablet stand can accommodate a wide range of tablets (up to 5/8 inches thick).
  • WIN US/ANSI is the default layout. MAC OS layout supported via alternate CMD keys.  International/ISO layout is also supported.
  • The Qwerkywriter is Bluetooth enabled for wireless connectivity.
  • Return bar functionality is currently under development.
  • Dimensions: 12.5″ x 7.5″ x 3.5″ approx. Weight – 3lb

Price: $350 

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