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Pura Scents: World’s Smartest Fragrance Dispenser

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Pura Scents, a smart air freshener, is a plug-in dispenser that you can control from your smartphone. The device can hold up to two scents that you can choose to alternate depending on time of day, smell intensity, and how long you’d like to leave it on for.

Right now, Pura Scents is offering 15 fragrances namely: Aloha Paradise, Autumn Café, Bleached Amber, Dragon Berry, Fresh Alpine, Golden Dahlia, Green Tea Citrus, Lavender Dream, Linens & Lace, Midnight Kiss, Pacific Aqua, Pink Peony & Silk, Tuscan Neroli, Vanilla Chiffon and Velvet Wineberry. Simply pick your two fragrances, put the vial in the dispenser and plug it in.

You can control your Pura Scents air freshener through your mobile phone. Let’s say you want to come home and smell the relaxing scent of lavender, you can activate Pura Scents with just a click. On the other hand, in most cases, users can just schedule the release of the scents whenever one is home or not. Also, the freshener notifies you if your scent vial is running low. This way, the user doesn’t have to rush out and buy the fragrance immediately.

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The idea came when Pura CEO and co-founder Richie Stapler found himself embarrassed when friends would randomly come hang out at his house, leaving him no time to clean up or mask the smell of his cooking. Home fragrances are traditionally seen as a female product, Stapler said, which is why the team created Pura Scents to give men a tech product to improve their household hygiene while allowing those who already use air fresheners a smarter way to control dispensing them.

For example, you might prefer to wake up to the smell of coffee or something citrusy, while opting to go to bed to the smell of lavender. The app can also tell you when your vial is running low so you can order refills on a subscription-based model.

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Additionally, the team hopes that by giving users more control, product won’t go to waste. “With motion-activated fresheners, if you have a cat, you’d be out of liquid in days,” the team said, noting that their device eliminates the need to use environmentally unfriendly aerosol cans.

Pura estimates that each refill vial lasts between two to four months, and once the device is turned off, the smell does not linger – in case you want to switch between the two scents immediately.

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Moreover, Pura Scents double as your room nightlight as well. It comes in different colors, which makes it easier for you to choose which nightlight shade you’d like to sleep in. Now if you’re worried that you won’t be able to use your power outlet anymore since Pura Scents is always plugged-in, don’t fret because it also comes with a USB slot where you can charge your gadgets.

Stapler and his team also wanted to point out that aside from the functionality and convenience of Pura Scents, it is also an environmentally friendly product. There’s no more use for aerosol cans at home and there will be less liquid fragrances wasted.

Pura Scents have already finished their Kickstarter campaign. The latest update from the team says that they have already received their first vial production samples already.

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