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Print+ — 3D print your own color customized headphones

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If you’re going to wear a pair of big, over-the-ear headphones, why not choose…or better yet, make a pair that reflects your color preferences and fashion sense. Print+ has developed a DIY audio headphone kit which allows customers to customize their audio hear (colors) except the end user is responsible for printing out and assembling the components together.

The Print+ DIY headphone kit delivers a pair of 40mm speakers, ear cushions, sound seals, the headband, and an audio cable. You bring the 3D printer – or send your project off to a local 3D printer service – and then turn these separate components by yourself into your very own headphones. Everything is designed to snap into place, so there’s no need for tools, glue, or soldering.

speaker specs

Files for the 3D printed parts will be available as free download. The parts are very easily printed without support structure and take about 20 hours to finish. There will be 3 basic designs available at first. There are five parts to be printed: speaker housing (2x), speaker cover (2x) and frame (1x).

print+ headphone kit

If you do not own a 3D printer, parts can be easily ordered from 3D Hubs. 3D Hubs is a worldwide network of 3D Printers, with over 22,000 3D printers in 156 countries – so there is always a printer near you.


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