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Popular Programming Language For Kids “Scratch 3.0” Now Available

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After spending months in Beta version, Scratch 3.0 has been finally released. It brings major changes such as support for tablets and implementation of an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based extension system instead of the previously used Flash.

This visual programming language was created to teach kids how to code. After more than a decade since its launch in 2007, Scratch has established itself as the only kids’ programming language which is actually worth using.

Scratch 3.0 includes dozens of new graphics, a completely new sound editor, and several new programming blocks. With the latest version of Scratch, you can create and play projects on your tablet, in addition to your laptop or desktop computer.

Even though no coding blocks have been removed in the new version, some of them have been modified. The block sizes have also been increased to work with touch devices.

New coding blocks in Scratch 3.0:

  • Blocks with sound effect
  • Operators that are easier to work with text (strings)
  • Pen blocks, with support for transparency
  • New Glide blocks that can move easily to a sprite
  • Added capabilities through “Scratch Extensions”

The Scratch Team is also working on providing new extensions so new functionalities are expected to grow over time.

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