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PlantNet : The App That Identifies Plants From A Picture

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PlantNet, the app is basically an image search engine that can be used to help people identify flowers and plants with a simple click of their smart phone.


Working with images from a huge data base collected through Plant Net users help to identify and add information about the quality of images and plants.

Their newest project, IdentiPlante, will allow people to use the database to quickly receive data about the plant they have taken a picture of. At the moment there’s no specific focus on edible flowers but it could certainly be used in the future to help create a specific database of wild herbs and plants.

How it works ?

  • When you are on the ground to plant you can not identify, you are shooting through the application, one of the organs that are available among those proposed as icons (flower, leaf, fruit and bark).
  • You start the search.
  • The application offers results with photographs, through which you can refine the identification.
  • If you are satisfied with your identification, you can share your observations with the network. More you transmit images identified the network, the more application performance increase.
  • But the collaborative process does not stop there. When you share your images, they become visible on IdentiPlante , another tool that we have developed. With all the botanists of the network, you can then study them, comment on them, and collectively contribute to the validation or optionally a correction of your identification.

PlanetNet App: Android, iOS 

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