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Parsee innovative 3D printed glasses for blind people

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Parsee innovative 3D printed glasses for blind people — Blind and visually impaired represent 314 mln group of people around the world. They have limited perception of the world, which often does not allow them to conduct a regular life.

Existing Smart Glasses are expensive, cumbersome to use, but most of all are not adapted to blind’s need.

Parsee is addressed to people with vision disability who have access to mobile network and possess a smartphone. With our solution they will explore the world as sighted people perceive it. Parsee provide full mobility, can be used freely anywhere and anytime.

Parsee innovative 3D printed glasses for blind people

An IP camera connected to simple 3D printed frame comunicates with a mobile device where our mobile app identifies text, colour, shape or face which will output in sound to earphones attached to frame.

  • Conectivity – mobile app creates a hot spot, which Parsee uses to send a photo stream from glasses and sound from smartphone.
  • Rechargable battery – in frame we put long life battery, which you can charge through micro USB.

Parsee smart Glasses for sightless people will recognize and make sense of text, shapes, colors and faces by translating all of them into sound.  They are available for free and in different shapes and colors. The purpose behind this project is to help blind people to feel the world surrounds them.

Parsee innovative 3D printed glasses for blind people

The ultimate goal of Parsee is to give away the 3D printed glasses for free, so the Indiegogo rewards system is a little different compared to most For $300, backers can nominate a blind or visually impaired person to receive a pair of Parsee smart glasses, while other levels of donation be given for rewards such as t-shirts ($50) and a chance to become part of the Parsee team ($50,000). Parsee will use all funds raised to further develop its prototype, before producing as many units as possible to distribute for free. Stated on

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