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Paper : A New Way Of Printing

Posted in Design, and Technology

Paper is a machine that can print, scan and copy in a pleasant way. It communicates its function, provides clear feedback and uses physical controls to operate the key functions with ease.


It seems like printers completely dominate the room there in, turning otherwise comfy spaces in to a full on copy and print center! Simply called “Paper”, this no-frills design serves as a compact solution for all your printing, scanning and copying needs, without sacrificing the aesthetic of your interior.



Despite being a connected device, you won’t find any bright screens or a complicated interface. Instead, it’s been reduced to the basics with tangible controls to do exactly what you need and nothing else. Unlike other bulky, wide designs, it’s built vertically with an intuitive paper holder to take up much less room. In funky orange, it’s one you won’t mind adorning your desk top!

Designer: Ludwig Rensch

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