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Ofo bike sharing service in Singapore, USA and UK.

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Ofo bike sharing service has international version of the Ofo App that only users with a Singapore, UK or US phone number can sign up to use.

Using Ofo bike sharing service:

Unlike traditional bike rentals, bicycles from Ofo can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. To use the bikes, users just need to unlock them using an app. After completing their journey, users lock the bikes back and leave it wherever they are. There is no need to return the bicycles to a specific bike station.

Ofo Bike sharing service singapore, USA and UK

Download the new Ofo international app. Next, we simply entered the bike number into the app. The bike number is displayed very prominent on each bicycles. The app then returns a combination code which can be used to unlock the mechanical lock on the back wheel of the Ofo bike. Turn to the correct combination number, press a button and the bike is yours to use.

Ofo Bike sharing service

Once you are done with the bicycle, simply snap the lock back on and scramble the numbers on the lock. You will also need to ‘end the trip’ on the app. You can also view your trip details over the app. Eventually, when Ofo does start charging for their service, it will cost $0.50 per trip.

Twitter users in both Silicone Valley and Singapore are reporting that over the past few days the Chinese rental bike giants have begun distributing Ofo bikes around the two regions.

Ofo Bike sharing service

Startup Investor Anna Fang Hamm tweeted “Ofo bike share spotted on Stanford’s campus.” Similarly, Singapore-based Xavier Lur tweeted “You can rent the ofo bicycle near Punggol MRT for only 50 CENTS / trip! You unlock the bike & track your trip with the ofo app”.

Ofo Bike sharing service

It appears that Silicon Valley-based users are able to rent bikes for just US$0.50 for 30 minutes, while Singaporeans are able to rent an Ofo for slightly less, at just S$0.50 (US$0.35) for 30 minutes. While relatively cheap, the international Ofos are still more expensive than the Chinese bikes which currently only cost ¥1 (US$0.15).

It looks like Ofo won’t be stopping their rollout in Singapore and the US either. WIRED UK reveals that in the next month the little yellow bikes will start appearing on the streets of Cambridge, England.

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