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now scan your face, read fingerprints before letting you apply for jobs

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>In its bid to focus on leveraging technology as a key differentiator, job portal on Monday introduced face recognition and touch ID capabilities in its mobile application.

>The technological milestone marks the first time that any Indian online job portal has integrated features designed around hardware-based tech in its mobile app, the company said in a statement.

>Users signing up or logging into the mobile app for the first time will be prompted to create a “face or touch” identification for future sessions.

>This will ensure that users can seamlessly log back into the app without any hassle, even if they forget their passwords, the company said. “While most apps focus only on improving on the software side of tech, our app is currently the only jobs app which is also keeping pace with changes on the hardware side,” said Amardeep Vishwakarma, CTO,

>“The latest version of the mobile app is geared for the latest smartphones in the market, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR, and is leveraging cutting-edge technology to enable a significantly better user experience.”

>Users can also log into the app any time they receive notifications simply by using their face/touch ID, without having to enter a password or go through other means of authentication.

>The new features also draw on the in-built security mechanism of the OS platform that the mobile app operates on, to safeguard the user’s information.

>While touch ID-based login has been enabled on both Android and iOS apps, the face recognition-based login is currently available exclusively on the iOS app on iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The platform plans to soon make the face ID feature available on its Android app as well.

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