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Nissan Teatro for Dayz car concept headed to Tokyo

Posted in connected cars, and Technology

teatro for dayz

This is the Nissan Teatro for Dayz concept. An all-electric concept designed to appeal to the next-generation of drivers who are growing up in an increasingly digital age, the concept centres around connectivity and technology and will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month.

Nissan has coined the term ‘share natives’ to describe the type of person this vehicle is designed for. According to Nissan these people are constantly sharing experiences and stories online and connecting with friends on social media.

nissan teatro interior

The interior is solid white with white seats, dash, steering wheel, and two pedals. That means an automatic transmission. The appearance of the interior can be transformed on a whim says Nissan with image display tech able to turn the seats, headrests, door trim, and instrument panel into a moving screen.

nissan teatro seats

That means you can project video onto the seats. Nissan says that the car is the first designed specifically for digital natives and can be visually altered to suit the mood of the occupants. There are no knobs or switches inside the car, everything is controlled by voice or motion.

nissan teatro outside

The outside of the concept is plain satin silver white between gloss white with minimal adornment. The black wheels look like something you would see on a moon rover. The chances of this concept ever going into production are slim.

nissan dayz

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