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New QR Code is Human Readable called HRQR

Posted in Technology

Human Readable Quick Response (HRQR) Code that can replace usual QR Code applications. It is a visual code for generating messages that can be read by humans in the same way it can be read by machines. Instead of relying only on computational error correction, the system allows a human to read the message and therefore reinterpret errors in the visual image that a computer is unable to correct. The HRQR code has a simple hash value check. A computer can use this hash value for identifying the correctness of its interpretation. Unlike QR Code, HRQR Code finds it inspiration in traditional calligraphy. The shapes generated by the HRQR Code have been used in middle eastern cultures over hundreds of years.


Generate your own HRQR Codes via:

Learn about the HRQR Alphabet:

Download the HRQR Reader in the iTunes App Store:

Generated HRQR for GeeksNewslab is below,

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