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MOO launches NFC Enabled Business cards

Posted in Technology

Moo has upgraded the business card with a new feature which literally taps into our app-happy to help along personal and professional networking.

The secret sauce in Moo’s Paper+ Business Cards+ is the inclusion of NFC-enabled (Near Field Communication) technology sandwiched in between each sheet of premium paper. The chip is small enough to be barely seen, but felt between finger tips, reminding the recipient the card hides something a little bit special.

moo business cards

The fun begins when Moo customers customize their Business Cards+, connecting a specific action with the NFC chip inside each card. For most people this will probably mean setting recipient’s devices to automatically redirect to the giver’s website or social network, but can also be set to launch an app, play a Spotify playlist (great for musicians), connect to a Linkedin profile, start a video chat, or open up a map for directions. IFTTT recipe compatibility is also supported, so there’s a whole world of creative actions that can be tied to a single business card, making your calling card actually something to keep and use rather than bound for that cemetery drawer.

The NFC option is compatible with Android and Windows mobile devices (the latest iPhones 6s and 6s Plus offer NFC, but they’re locked down for use only with Apple Pay mobile payments at this time).


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