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Machine learning – in simple words about the complex

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At the dawn of programming, we had to write detailed instructions for the computer to perform the simplest operations. Improved development tools helped the car to overtake a person in speed.

Now, thanks to machine learning, the computer also acquires independence. For many tasks, instructions are no longer needed.

What is machine learning?

The principle of technology is as follows. A computer system receives data, processes it, determines patterns, in other words, learns. According to the results of the analysis, she can predict, draw conclusions already for new information.

The learning process does not stop. The system is constantly being improved, checking the correctness of the answers. Errors are used to correct the operation of the algorithm.

Consider an example to better understand machine learning. You told the system that you enjoyed watching the last Tarantino film. The computer has already analyzed billions of reviews from other users. Studying their preferences, the algorithm made the following conclusions.

  1. Those who liked the film enjoyed watching other films by the director.

  2. Users with the same answer prefer Westerns.

This knowledge allows the system to recommend “Pulp Fiction”, “The Magnificent Seven” and other films to you.

Machine learning is the method of creating learning algorithms. The concept is often confused with artificial intelligence, although in fact, it is its subsection. The program can be trained:

Equally useful will be knowledge of machine learning for beginners and experienced programmers, because behind this science is the future. Artificial intelligence technologies are evolving, gradually replacing human activity in many areas. Therefore, machine learning courses at Hillel Computer School will be useful for specialists in various fields.

Relevance to study

If you look closely, you can see learning technologies everywhere. Google, YouTube, Windows 10, Siri, Facebook, Amazon use machine learning algorithms. Stock prices, prices, customer behavior, results of sports matches and much more predict the methods of the system. They are based on the recognition of speech, gestures, text, images. As science develops, its scope is expanding.

We are not mistaken in calling this IT direction the most promising, because its true potential is only being explored. The course “Machine Learning” in Odessa will help to master the most popular technologies. To quickly master the profile, use all available resources. Remember the importance of self-study. For this are different sources: books, blogs, online courses such as Coursera Machine Learning and others.

First experience: where to start?

To understand the technology requires training. The starting base includes the following directions.

  1. Python Machine Learning. The language is concise and simple, as required by big data analysis. It contains machine learning algorithms. Python has a math library that is perfect for calculations.

  2. Maths. It is necessary for understanding the essence and processes of machine learning. Where to begin? From the beginning, if you do not know them. Ideally, own a university course.

The last word

Even to a person who is far from IT, it is clear: the future of IT is beyond artificial intelligence. What role do you define in it for yourself?

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