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Lyric Speaker : Auto Lyrics Visualizing Speaker

Posted in Technology

Meet the Lyric Speaker: an elegant speaker with a translucent display to visualize your music and display lyrics. It connects to a database to display lyrics. The speaker analyzes the structure of each song to show motion graphics on its display.

lyric speaker

We can listen to music literally anytime we want, thanks to digital music distribution. As digital distribution took over, the joy of being inspired by lyrics on album covers and CD insert booklets have fallen behind. We developed a platform to bring back the other half of fun of music, Lyric Speaker. Know what artists want to say. Words can be part of your interior. A step forward into a brand new visual-audio experience.

‘The app can even translate the song into the language you choose’

lyric speaker

Just hit play on any music app. Lyric Speaker will connect to a database and display the lyrics in sync with the song. It will instantly analyze the mood & structure of the song and visualize the lyrics in harmony.

Pre-order Starting June 2016 : Lyric Speaker

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