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iScout HUD For Your Car Makes More Smarter and Safer

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iScout HUD car — iSCOUT is a Head-Up Display (HUD) that projects all the information required for driving such as car speed, fuel level, GPS navigation as a floating virtual image in front of the vehicle. It syncs to your smartphone and displays incoming calls, messages, reminders, social media content and other notifications along with several other features such as blind-spot view and an integrated dashcam.

“As iScout can link up with the vehicle’s ODB plug, you can also see information like fuel levels, maintenance issues and speed. If you’re running out of gas, for instance, it can give you a warning and guide you to the nearest service station. The premium model has blind spot cameras that automatically activate when you use your turn signals, helping keep your eyes on the road. Speaking of cameras, the device has a forward looking dashcam, in case any of any accidents”

iScout HUD car


  •  Navigation : iSCOUT’s navigation allows you to get live traffic feed and updates you on the speed limit, keeping your speed in check.
  • Blind-Spot Cameras*only available in the Premium Models

iScout HUD Car

Making lane changes have never been easier. You will never have to remember to look over your shoulders again, allowing you to focus on what’s in front of you.

  • Gesture Control & Voice Command

iScout HUD car

Accept and reject calls with a swipe of your hand or compose a text through dictation. You will always maintain your control over the steering wheel.

  • Dashcam

iScout HUD Car

Dashcam allows you to record your journey which comes in handy in case of insurance claims or driving accident lawsuits.

  • On-Board Diagnostics

iscout hud car

It has ability to gain information from your dashboard means you don’t have to worry about low fuel warnings. Your device immediately searches for a gas station nearby.

  • Stay Connected
Iscout HUD car

Get access to all your notifications from your phone (text, social etc). Prioritize your apps and customize how you want them to be presented on your display. Remain on the grid, safely.

iScout HUD car

The “photochromic” display works in day and night conditions, and it has its own app and GPS to display heads-up route guidance. The device also connects with your smartphone over Bluetooth, letting you take or reject calls by waving your hand, for example, while still keeping the GPS on the screen. You can compose texts via voice dictation and see notifications from apps like WhatsApp and Twitter, or control music from Spotify and others.

The iScout is on pre-order starting at $269 for the basic edition and $299 for the premium model with blind spot cameras. Those are ambitiously scheduled to ship this November, but you can jump the line and get one in September if you’re willing to pay $499 and help with final testing.

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