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Ink Hunter App : Visualize Any Tattoo In Real-Time

Posted in Augmented Reality, and IOS

Ink Hunter Tattoo App — makes the decision a little easier. Ink Hunter lets you try out different pieces from its gallery of pre-made sketches, or you can upload your own. You simply draw a smiley face on the area you want your tattoo, point your phone’s camera, and the tattoo will be overlaid onto your skin. With this, you’ll know how a tattoo will look before you get it inked.

Ink hunter tattoo app

Ink Hunter Overview:

A team of software engineers in the Ukraine there is an app called InkHunter that helps you decide what and where you’d like to get a tattoo. The app includes a number of designs from different tattoo artists that you can try out virtually using smartphone augmented reality placing pixels on your flesh in real-time. The app also also allows you to upload your own sketches which gives you a good sense if that creation on paper should live on your skin.

Ink hunter tattoo app

How to use the Ink Hunter:

For the augmented-reality (AR) app to work, you need to place some ink on your skin, by using a pen and drawing a ‘Square Smile’ which is basically a flat-lined emoji-style face. The ink provides guidance for the AR technology, through your phone’s camera, to know where to place where your future tattoo will be. By looking through your smartphone screen you are able to see your potential tattoo which you can take a photo of for future reference.

The team at InkHunter is also hoping to be able to overlay color tattoo in future, at present the app only supports black and white.

InkHunter is free to download and use, with a soft ask for users to buy the tattoo artists’ designs that they are interested in. The future plan for monetization is to provide a service for booking your tattoo with specific artists taking a possible 5-10 percent cut for this.

They’re about to develop the app for Android and Windows Phone versions. Available for iOS users now.

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