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Convert your HTML site into WordPress for $9 Per Page

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Convert your HTML site into WordPress for $9 Per Page using HTML to WordPress tool it is a powerful converter app to help website owners, developers/designer and agencies to convert their HTML websites to premium quality WordPress themes in seconds.

Just upload a website into the tool and after a few seconds you’ll see a fully functional premium quality WordPress theme activated and installed on a fresh WordPress installation for an easy live preview. If you like what you see, you can download the theme for $9 per .html page – Simple, quick and effortless!

html to wordpress

The goal of the tool is to greatly simplify developers & designers life by automating a lot of manual work when creating WordPress projects. We’ve also seen a lot of non-technical website owners and managers who have converted their current website so they can update content by themselves instead of emailing a developer.

html to wordpress

Before deciding to part with $9 per page you want to convert, you can see a full, live preview to ensure you’re happy with the finished product.

After the conversion everything is optimized to work with WordPress out of the box including automagically setting appropriate asset paths (CSS, JS, images, videos etc). You can create your website with whatever visual editor tools such as Webflow, Macaw, Dream Viewer etc. or which ever frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation you feel comfortable with and then convert a client shippable WordPress theme out when the site is ready.

No custom code is required and the tool works out of the box with any html based website, moreover the site can be extended with WordPress functionality such as editable menus or blog posts by adding CSS classes. Learn more about this in our docs: (or) 

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