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HP Spectre x2 is yet another Surface look-alike

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HP new idea on how to make a multi-function hybrid and is putting them into practice with the 12-inch HP Spectre x2.


The Spectre x2 looks to optimize both business productivity and portable entertainment with a two-piece design¬†featuring a bright, 12-inch 1920 x 1080 display, detachable keyboard, 4 or 8GB of RAM, a range of SSDs and Intel’s 6th Gen Core M CPUs. However, unlike the Surface, the X2’s keyboard is included in its price, which starts at just $800.

hp spectre x2 12

Another difference that sets the X2 apart is its three cameras. There’s a single 5-megapixel camera in front for selfies, a 8-MP shooter in back for general photography, and a rear-facing Intel Real Sense R200 3D camera with depth sensing tech. The X2 is among the first devices to feature the rear-facing RealSense, which allows you to make 3D scans of objects or people.

hp spectre

Audio, meanwhile, comes courtesy of dual speakers on the tablet and two further speakers on the keyboard, all tuned by Bang & Olufsen.

A U-shaped kickstand – made of 3.5mm stainless steel – is on the back; HP says it opted for that, rather than the flat panel of Microsoft’s 2-in-1 design, so as to leave more space for a bigger battery.

hp spectre x2 12

Ports include two USB-C, and there’ll be a USB-C to USB Type-A adapter included in the box. Optional will be a digital stylus for note-taking and drawing.


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