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Hagen Connected SmartWatch with standard coin cell battery

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Hagen Connected SmartWatch with standard coin cell battery — Skagen, the Danish design company that’s owned by the Fossil Group, is the latest brand to unleash a wearable range with the Skagen Hagen Connected smartwatch the first off the conveyer belt.

The Hagen Connected runs on a standard coin cell battery,so there’s no need for charging. Watch is set to be available in four styles, it comes boxed with a leather strap that can be swapped out with other leather, steel-mesh and silicone bands.

Hagen Connected SmartWatch


There’s activity tracking to count your steps with a progress dial built into the display and a built-in vibration motor to give you a buzz when you receive an email or text notification. You’ll also be able to customise the type of notifications you get nudged about from the companion app (iOS and Android).

Skagen says the watch, which looks to have a fully analog face, will be able to automatically adjust time zones, track your steps and water intake, control your music, and provide email and text notifications. The watch will come in four different styles, and interchangeable leather, steel-mesh, and silicon bands will be available for purchase.

Back in January this year, the Fossil Group promised to launch more than 100 connected devices before the end of the year with a host of fashionable brands under its wing including Armani, DKNY, Karl Lagerfeld, Diesel and Michael Kors.

While Skagen hasn’t shown any images of the activity tracker yet, the company says it will be available in October, while the watch will hit shelves in September. The Hagen Connected will retail for $195 and you’ll be able to pick up the Hagen Activity Tracker for $95 when it’s released.

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