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Franz : A Mac App It Puts All Your Major Messaging Services at one place

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Franz, a new app by Vienna-based designer Stefan Malzner, tries to fix that by putting as many services as possible in the same Mac app.

The app connects to Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, HipChat, Google Hangouts and Grape, bringing a single place to deal with messages across services and desktop notifications.


It is a web browser specially designed for access to messaging applications, opening the online version that each provides, without using API, to have in one place the conversations of our day to day.


Although not an ideal solution because it only opens the page that each platform offers to the public, it is designed to help save time, reducing the number of clicks to access each conversation.

This is a great way to stop needing to keep tabs or windows open for each service.

You can add multiple instances of each service, such as for each Slack team you’re in, to organize even further. Malzner hinted that he’s working on a Windows version of Franz in the future too.

Franz is completely free, and it’s actively developed so new features are being added regularly.


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