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Foldee is a Portable Flying Folding Disc

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Foldee Disc was created on some very simple ideas and principles, to create something fun while focusing on lifestyle activities that allows all age groups and people anywhere around the world to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. Today’s technology means we are spending less time enjoying fun and healthy activities, we spend more time in front of our computers then outdoors when we are relaxing. Taking a little break from your day to day routine can help you refocus.

foldee flying disc

Foldee unique patent pending construction and design makes games more enjoyable with key factors including:

Catching: Foldee is flexible on all axis, making catching more intuitive and easy. During the discs flight you can adjust your catching position, however you feel like making the catch. With zero hard edges the disc is very easy to catch.

• Safety: Due to its soft material, Foldee looses its shape, speed & rotation on impact. Foldee absorbs the impact and disperses the energy throughout the disc, limiting any potential injury.

• Movement and exercise: Foldee is a recreational product that promotes a fun, healthy activity that helps to engage numerous muscle groups, strengthening your core and improving your balance.

• Flying distance: Foldee™ optimal distance is between 20m – 30m for novice and intermediate users. Experienced users can reach 40m+ without losing shape and form through the flight.

This disc is a cool outdoor product to enjoy with family and friends. Making exercise more playful and enjoyable. Foldee can be kept in your pocket or you can hang it from your belt loops, clothing or bag with our matching hard case which protects it at all times. We believe Foldee can become toy of the year for 2016. Fun, safe and compact, it appeals to many people. Play with family and friends, and make exercise more enjoyable with the kids as Foldee becomes an interactive product that gets you moving.


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