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Facebook brings read receipts to events

Posted in Mobile/Tablet, and Technology

Facebook is beginning to unveil read receipts for Events.

A Facebook spokesperson told to daily dot, “We’re piloting the ability for private event hosts and guests to know whether their friends they invited have seen the event.”

event rr

Read receipts have become a standard feature for chat platforms, including Facebook’s own Messenger app. The scourge of modern communication, the confirmations show when a message is viewed (and make it easy to see when a friend is avoiding sending a reply).

Facebook also includes these notifications in Groups, which provide an indicator when each member has viewed a post. In both Groups and Messenger, there is no option provided by Facebook for disabling the read receipts.

It’s not hard to imagine a similar feature being included for friend requests, Wall posts, and comments as the Facebook continues its ceaseless mission of telling everyone about everything their friends do.

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