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Estream: Uses Flowing Water to Charge Your Phone

Posted in Technology

Estream converts any type of moving water into stored energy to charge every usb-connected mobile devices. Estream is a portable water-power generator that converts any type of moving water, such as that from a river or stream, into stored energy to charge most of today’s usb-connected mobile devices, even while you are off the grid.

How Estream Works:

As a generator, it produces 2.5W – 5W of energy. As it is suspended in water, water flow rotates the turbine. The rotation enables the generator to generate electricity and works well even in a weak current or behind your kayak.


It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge 6,400mAh built-in battery by running water. Once fully charges, the battery can charge up to 3 smartphones, GoPros or even tablet PCs, twice as fast as a regular outlet. It is rechargeable, so as long as you you have access to running water, you can continue to charge your devices – even on the longest adventures.



Device can also be charged through a regular outlet for your daily back-up power. But don’t forget that this is just the first step to taking personal energy off the grid.


  • 24-hour stability: As long as you have access to water, even if the current slows, the Estream will provide a stable connection to energy. Can you imagine power as reliable and powerful as what we use at home provided by water beyond the grid?
  • Energy efficient: water is the most efficient natural energy resource on earth. So even our compact design can produce energy 3 to 20 times faster, with more energy output, than similar products in the market. And no extra fuel resource such as heavy jug of gasoline required to generate. All you need is Estream and current water.

Whether it comes in through the tap or it is collected from a stream, water is present in the daily lives of everyone on the planet. Enomad wishes to expand sustainable energy on a personal level by allowing people to discover and utilize the natural energy resources around them.

It¬†is easy to understand and use. It’s light weight and is designed to fit in any size backpack. It is ideal for anyone who goes camping, backpacking, fishing or kayaking – or anyone who has access to running water. It also has patented modular design so that its application is extended from back-up battery to lantern, speaker, Wi-Fi router and much more. Opportunity is limitless.¬†Everything is all in one – and is completely customizable.


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