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Physical ‘Emoji Keyboard’ — You can now write your true thoughts

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Texas-based company EmojiWorks is here to feed our growing reliance on image-based communication with their nifty keyboards. Compatible with Windows 10, iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, the Emoji Keyboard allows you to swiftly type up an emoji on your computer or tablet.

EmojiWorks is today debuting the first hardware-based emoji keyboard, which is designed to make it easier for users to quickly type their favorite emoji using built-in shortcut keys. The keyboard looks like a standard Apple-style keyboard, but it includes emoji symbols.

emoji button

Each key on the Emoji Keyboard from EmojiWorks includes an emoji in addition to a letter, which can be inserted by pressing a dedicated emoji key along with the key that houses the desired emoji. The keyboard features many popular emoji like the poop, thumbs up, unicorn head, taco, heart, and a series of faces.

emoji keyboardi

According to EmojiWorks, typing emoji with the keyboard is up to 10 times faster than the standard emoji typing method. The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard is able to work with both Macs and iOS devices. Because the emoji shortcuts are pre-programmed and the emoji pre-printed on the keyboard, the emoji keyboard is not customizable.

ipad with emoji keyboard

The Emoji Keyboard, available for a pre-order price of $79.95, offers 47 of the most popular emojis. For $89.95 you can get the Emoji Keyboard Plus, which has 94 emojis and skin tone options. Emoji Keyboard Pro ($99.95) includes more than 120 emojis, with three shortcuts per key.

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